Hi I'm Jack... aka Shamrock. I really love Jack Jack though... it just gets my hind-end just a wagging! So my bio is long in coming, my foster mom has been busy so my foster brother and sister and I decided we will do it ourselves. We figured with 6 paws we would be able to do it! I question why they are being so helpful, but they are cool and treat me just like a brother.

I am a distingushed 9 year old gentleman. And when I say gentleman, I mean it. I am totally house trained, love to lay in my dog bed and don't get up on furniture. I get along with all my foster moms fur-kids, not sure about cats, but I really don't have a prey drive so it might not be an issue, we'd just have to take that slow.

So all in all, I am a perfect dog! I am just looking for that family and place to call my own! Could you be it??? Lets find out together!