Below is a list of our available Labrador Retrievers. If you don't find the new friend you're looking for on this page, check out our Coming Soon Labs. We typically have approximately 30 Labs in our rescue program at any given time. Labs come into the program and are adopted daily, so this list is ever-changing.

Click each picture to find what our foster families have to say about each of our Labs. Since we don't have a shelter, all our dogs are in foster homes. Our foster parents provide as much information as possible on the behaviors and traits of our dogs.

The adoption fee for an adult Lab is $300. The adoption fee for puppies (6 months and under) is $375.

If you are interested in meeting one of our Labs, the next step is to complete an adoption application. Adoption information and application is found here. If you have questions about the adoption application process, send an email to our Applications Team.


  • Bertha - 5.2 Year Old Female -- AVAILABLE

  • Jefferson - 3.5 Year Old Male -- AVAILABLE

  • Mala - 6.4 Year Old Female -- AVAILABLE

  • Appollo - 4.5 Year Old Female -- AVAILABLE

  • Terry - 2.1 Year Old Male -- AVAILABLE

  • Matt - 7.3 Month Old Male -- AVAILABLE

  • DeeDee - 3 Year Old Female -- ADOPTION PENDING

  • Clarice - 6.3 Year Old Female -- ADOPTION PENDING

  • Leia - 7.2 Year Old Female -- ADOPTION PENDING

  • Dee J - 4.8 Year Old Male -- ADOPTION PENDING

    Dee J
  • Jaycob - 3.1 Year Old Male -- ADOPTION PENDING