Puppy Fever!

Meet Brooklyn and her Puppies - known as the Bridge Puppies




Early in January, we received a call from Seagoville Animal Control regarding a lab who needed our immediate help.  An abandoned yellow female had taken up shelter under a bridge after being shot in the neck with a BB gun....while in labor!   According to animal control, she had given birth to 4 adorable puppies. However, when DFW Lab Rescue arrived to save them from the shelter, we learned she had two more puppies!

As "Brooklyn" was found under a bridge, she was aptly named. And her puppies all were named after bridges too!  Bixby, Rialto, London, Malloy, and Royal will be available for adoption as soon!

Click here to help with the medical needs of Brooklyn and her six adorable puppies.



The puppies at 4.5 weeks old:

Sleeping puppies!



Mama Brooklyn and 6 week old puppies!