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Informational Links

Informational Links
Responsible Breeding
If you are looking for a breeder to purchase a Lab puppy from, make sure they follow this steps or find another breeder.

The Dog Owners Guide
This site contains useful information about owning a dog, including but not limited to, crating, housebreaking, aggression, and several other interesting topics.

Doggie Door
This site contains questions and answers about topics ranging from obedience to house braking.

Pets Welcome
This site contains information about your pet, ranging from kennels to emergency pet care.

Living with Multiple Dogs

Where do Rescue Labs Come From?

Think Before You Adopt


American Kennel Club
Better known as the AKC, this site contains useful information about breed characteristics, shows and obedience trials.

Woodhaven Labradors
This site contains useful information for purchasing purebred puppies.  A must for anyone thinking about a new puppy!

Can We Help You Keep Your Pet?
Important information to read if you are considering surrendering your pet.


Medical Links Rescue and Shelter Links
The Pet Vet
Provides information on all types of diseases, vaccinations, and surgeries for both cats and dogs.

Lab Med
Provides monetary assistance for rescued Labradors that would otherwise have to be put down for medical reasons.

Labrador Life Line
Provides monetary assistance for Labradors that would otherwise be put down for medical reasons.

Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Resources
Provides pictures and articles on Dysplasia.


TX "No Kill" Shelters
A list of no kill shelters in TX.

Operation Kindness
The oldest and largest no-kill shelter in the DFW Area.

Heart of Texas Labrador Rescue
Labrador Rescue for Austin and the surrounding area.

Texas Lab Rescue
Serving the DFW area..

Southeast Texas Labrador Rescue
Serving Southeast Texas.

Denton Humane Society
Dog Adoption information for the Denton area.