Special Needs...Special Dogs...

We've had several special dogs enter our organization. Special in their true Lab nature and special in their needs. Whether it's surgery to repair an injury or surgery to repair a genetic defect, we have stayed true to our mission and are glad that we were able to assist these special Labs in their time of need.

We now need your help to ensure that we have the resources available to assist future Special Needs dogs. Please consider making a donation for our Special Needs dogs or a general donation to help us rescue, care for, and find forever homes for all of our very deserving Labs.

Special Needs Gilbert


Sex: Male
Color: Yellow


My name is Gilbert and I recently had one of the TWO surgeries I need to repair tears in my knee tendons for both of my back legs. The surgery is called TPLO surgery and can only be performed by an experienced surgeon at a specialty surgery clinic. The cost of the surgeries is approximately $8000 (without any complications or setbacks during recovery).

So how does something like this happen? After I had been caught limping intermittently by the rescue, they took me to see a veterinarian who diagnosed me with a tear in the anterior cruseate ligament. After a visit to the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center, it was discovered that I have a 100% tear in one ligament and a 30-50% tear in the ligament of the other knee. Who knew that a playful puppy like me could have such serious injuries? I really want to be healed because I am a playful guy, I love to run and fetch, but the pain in my knees is unbearable and I can’t tolerate any of the activities I love best.

Thanks for taking the time to read Gilbert’s story. Gilbert came into our program in December as a 9-month old puppy. He is gorgeous, playful, loves people and all other dogs. He is very easy-going around kids and other dogs–as a matter of fact, he is the perfect young Labrador!

He will have a long rehabilitation road ahead of his because they must do the surgeries at separate times in order to maximize his recovery. But his healing will only start with the surgery, and we need your help now to fund his treatment and give him the quality of life he deserves.

Special Needs Bronx


Sex: Male
Color: Chocolate

Adult - Adopted


Meet a true service dog serving in Dallas!  For these past 7 years I have been taking care of all the residents and their families at Silverado memory care unit.  It can be a little bit sad her because these people have moved from homes and families and do not always know them. But they always know their dog Bronx.    I have been so happy with these people and their wonderful families.

I love everyone I meet including the oldest resident and always think he has something important to say.  They love to pet me and touch me and it reminds them of when they had their own dogs.  I am so gentle with everyone that I can be with the oldest guest or the youngest grandchild.  They all love me because I am here and loving them without judgment.

These wonderful people who live here love me so much that they feed me all the time with cupcakes and sausage and bread and much more than a good Labrador Retriever should be eating to maintain his weight!  But I love to eat so I am happy to be helpful to them as they save their lunches and dinner for me!  Unfortunately that has led to some bad consequences for me including obesity (UGH!) and a critical tear in my knee.

I began limping and my residence was concerned!  They thought my hips were gone and my life was over.

These wonderful people at DFWLRRC came to see me and took me to their veterinarian who said that I just needed to have surgery to repair the tear in my knee and slim down a bit!

So I have to move on to a new home with exercise and moderation in food.

It will be hard because I love my Silverado friends and family so much!  But I will come back and see them and they will be joyful for me that I made it!

DFWLRRC has spent $1600 on Bronx surgery and veterinarian bills to prepare him for the rest of his life ... please consider contributing to his care so we can continue to help Bronx and other Labradors all over the metroplex!!




Special Needs Zenith


Age: 5 years
Sex: Male
Color: Chocolate

Adult - Adopted


Zenith was pulled from a local shelter with what was thought to be a sinus infection. However once he got to the vet and was examined, they discovered a hole the size of a quarter in the roof of his mouth. That meant pieces of everything he was ingesting was ending up in his nasal cavity.

The hole was stitched shut and Zenith was put on an antibiotic to clear the infection. However with the hole being in such a delicate area, it just wouldn't stay closed. The hole was re-stitched multiple times over several months, gradually getting smaller and smaller but not quite staying shut. Because he continued to have a hole in the roof of his mouth, he continued to have a sinus infection and was on multiple rounds of antibiotics.

Once the hole was down to the size of a pin point, the vet felt confident that it would stay closed and was small enough to keep foreign objects from entering the nasal passage. But Zenith continued to have a sinus infection. Something just wasn't right. Zenith was sent to a specialty vet to help determine the cause of his chronic nasal infection. A scan was done and tiny metal fragments- believed to be bullet fragments- were found in his nasal cavity, along with a foreign object the size of a quarter.

Unfortunately the foreign object was large enough it couldn't be extracted through his nostril. So Zenith had to have a full rhinotomy done (he was cut open from between the eyes all the way down to the bottom of his snout). The procedure was successful and the foreign object and bullet fragments were removed.

Zenith recovered from the invasive surgery beautifully. In fact his hair is already grown back and his scar is nearly invisible. But he wasn't quite done yet! He also had several broken teeth that needed to be pulled; but the rhinotomy was intense enough that he had to have this done as a separate procedure.

Zenith is fully recovered and is able to eat dry food for the first time since he's been in foster care. Whether Zenith's hole in his mouth and broken teeth are a result of a bullet, we'll never quite know. But he is one resilient dog with tons of love and affection to give his human friends.