Special Needs...Special Dogs...

Special Needs Labs are those Labs that are brought into our program knowing they may have a physical or behavioral issues that are greater than our typical vetting and fostering programs can overcome.  These Labs may have a serious illness that will require hospitalization, may need surgery to repair an injury or genetic defect, may need specialized testing and treatment, or may need to spend time with a trainer to overcome behavioral challenges. 

It is through donations to our Special Needs Fund or individually to one of our special needs Labs that we are able to offer help to a Lab in Need.  We feel by helping these special Labs we are taking rescue to the next level. 

You can make a donation to our Special Needs Fund or to an individual Lab featured below.

Special Needs Haley



Our first save of 2015 was a joint effort with our friends at Duck Team 6. 

Haley was spotted on the streets of Dallas by a volunteer for Duck Team 6.   She noticed that Haley looked to be nursing, but no pups were to be seen anywhere and she had an injured back leg and was limping badly.  However, like any typical lab, she was sweet and came right up to this volunteer to say “hello”.

Later that week Duck Team 6 went back to look for her and did not find her but came across a neighbor who knew exactly who she was and said ”she doesn’t belong to anybody” but pointed to a shed where he believed her puppies to be on a neighboring property.They knocked on the door and a nice lady answered.  She told us she had her inside her home because it was so cold outside and invited Duck Team 6 in.  Sure enough, there was Haley, lounging in her living room with 4 cats!  

Check out this video that shows Haley's injuries and her typical lab personality and love of food.

Haley needs medical attention and has quite a battle ahead of her before she is ready to look for her forever home.  She needs to:

1. Recover from mastitis from a recent litter

2. Receive treatment for her heartworms followed by 30 days of crate rest

3. Receive an evaluation and likely surgery for her badly healed broken leg

DFW Lab Rescue committed to save Haley from the streets in a joint team effort with our friends at Duck Team 6. We plan to be there with her every step of the way until she finds her forever home. 

If you'd like to make a donation to help us cover Haley's medical needs, please click here:  

Please share Haley's story.  #HeroesforHaley

Special Needs Thomas



When we got the call about an injured Lab from the Waco Animal Shelter, we knew we needed to help.  Thomas as he is known now, was hobbling around and in pain.  It didn’t take long before Thomas was transported to a DFW Lab Rescue foster home and to one of our vets.  What we found out was it looks like Thomas has been hit by a car.


He has deep abrasions on his rear paws, legs and tail and his tail is broken.  After a rough first weekend, Thomas rallied and we were able to further examine him.   In addition to his deep wounds, he has a leg injury, he is heartworm positive and he has a very bad ear and skin infection.  All of Thomas’ injuries and wounds will be treated by DFW Lab Rescue. 

All donations to made using the Paypal Button below will go 100% to Thomas’ treatment and recovery.  Any amount helps!