Special Needs...Special Dogs...

We've had several special dogs enter our organization. Special in their true Lab nature and special in their needs. Whether it's surgery to repair an injury or surgery to repair a genetic defect, we have stayed true to our mission and are glad that we were able to assist these special Labs in their time of need.

We now need your help to ensure that we have the resources available to assist future Special Needs dogs. Please consider making a donation for our Special Needs dogs or a general donation to help us rescue, care for, and find forever homes for all of our very deserving Labs.

Special Needs Gilbert


Sex: Male
Color: Yellow


My name is Gilbert and I recently had one of the TWO surgeries I need to repair tears in my knee tendons for both of my back legs. The surgery is called TPLO surgery and can only be performed by an experienced surgeon at a specialty surgery clinic. The cost of the surgeries is approximately $8000 (without any complications or setbacks during recovery).

So how does something like this happen? After I had been caught limping intermittently by the rescue, they took me to see a veterinarian who diagnosed me with a tear in the anterior cruseate ligament. After a visit to the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center, it was discovered that I have a 100% tear in one ligament and a 30-50% tear in the ligament of the other knee. Who knew that a playful puppy like me could have such serious injuries? I really want to be healed because I am a playful guy, I love to run and fetch, but the pain in my knees is unbearable and I can’t tolerate any of the activities I love best.

Thanks for taking the time to read Gilbert’s story. Gilbert came into our program in December as a 9-month old puppy. He is gorgeous, playful, loves people and all other dogs. He is very easy-going around kids and other dogs–as a matter of fact, he is the perfect young Labrador!

He will have a long rehabilitation road ahead of his because they must do the surgeries at separate times in order to maximize his recovery. But his healing will only start with the surgery, and we need your help now to fund his treatment and give him the quality of life he deserves.