Special Needs...Special Dogs...

Special Needs Labs are those Labs that are brought into our program knowing they may have a physical or behavioral issues that are greater than our typical vetting and fostering programs can overcome.  These Labs may have a serious illness that will require hospitalization, may need surgery to repair an injury or genetic defect, may need specialized testing and treatment, or may need to spend time with a trainer to overcome behavioral challenges. 

It is through donations to our Special Needs Fund that we are able to offer help to a Lab in Need.  We feel by helping these special Labs we are taking rescue to the next level. 

Consider making a donation to our Special Needs Fund by clicking this button or directly to a Special Needs Lab below:

Special Needs Mamma Madge and her 6 Puppies


Mamma Madge and her 6 puppies


UPDATE on Madge and her Puppies: August 13, 2015 - Madge is doing great and is a great mom. She has lost 3 of her puppies, one - Little Bit - just this week. Of the three remaining puppies, 2 are thriving and 1 little guy is still struggling. We continue to provide the best medical care - sparing no expense to treat this family. Madge the puppies are in a foster home and are getting a ton of love.


July is already a hot month but for Momma Madge it was especially hot because she was pregnant and abandoned at a shelter.  Then that night, the only night she spent in the shelter, she gave birth to 6 healthy puppies.  Momma and the puppies were rescued that morning and immediately sent to a foster home where they could get the needed attention in a quiet and safe environment.  However, after 8 days in the foster home Madge and the puppies came down with Canine Parvovirus.

Momma Madge and the puppies are struggling to survive. Our veterinarians are aggressively treating all 7 so that our dream of giving them a chance at a new life will be a reality.

If you don't know about Canine parvovirus it is a highly contagious viral disease that can produce a life-threatening illness. The virus attacks rapidly dividing cells in a dog’s body, most severely affecting the intestinal tract. Parvovirus also attacks the white blood cells, and when young animals are infected, the virus can damage the heart muscle and cause lifelong cardiac problem.

Parvo is an expensive virus to fight and we anticipate the medical expenses to save this family will be about $1000 per Lab. That's $7,000 that we will spend to fight for these little ones. We are committed to do everything we can for this family however, this expense will deplete our Special Needs Fund.

If you can, please make a donation in honor of Madge and her puppies using the link below. 100% of the money raised for Madge and the puppies will go to their care. Any money received over the amount of their medical bills will go to our Special Needs Fund.

Thank you.